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Actress Mercy Johnson and husband visit Dubai for Valentine 0 0
Actress Mercy Johnson and husband visit Dubai for Valentine
Love is a beautiful thing and one cannot help but long for a good relationship after seeing happy couples together.
The Nigerian entertainment industry is an interesting one but it has seen the rise and fall of so many marriages. However, a few couple keep fans hope alive that there can be true love for celebrities.
One of such couple is Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson and her husband, Prince Odianosen Okojie.
They have been able to have a happy marriage and they often find ways to spice things up. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and Mercy and her husband seem ready to enjoy it to the fullest.
The mother of three posted a cute video of herself with her husband on a plane as she revealed that they are travelling to Dubai ahead of Valentine.
She explained further that despite being the person to initiate spending some time alone with her beau, she is already missing her kids.
Mercy wrote: "Bilahi,i have to disturb him always,he is too quiet and shyP/S... I was d one that said alone time oo ooo and without the kids now nko? i am missing them alreadyGood Night Friends#visitdubai#mydubaiexperience# #feb14th#valindubai#alwaysadifferentexperience#"
[Image: 636624efc16b45cb6cbe0826e447993f.jpg]
Mercy and her husband having a fun time in Dubai Photo: @mercyjohnsonokojie / Instagram
Valentine's Day is now seen by most people as a day to show love. However, Mercy and her husband have been known to express their affection for each other on different occasions.
We wish them a happy celebration.
Undoubtedly, the duo make marriage look easy and beautiful and internet users never get tired of seeing both of them show the world just how fond of each other they are. In the series of photos, both mama and papa Purity have us wishing for their kind of love.

I'm glad they are happily married

I'm glad they are happily married

This one na be watinwatin love oo.

Thumbs Up 
I love this couple....what a wonderful celebration!

Beautiful family, and they are having a good time

Life is beautiful when you get your heart desire

Thanks for the information s

That's great. They really look good together.
The more you walk, the close you get. 
SireRumu II

Imagine a celebrity going naked on instagram

That's act of spendthrift


Nice family, living happily

Nice family living Wonder full and happy

That is good but not too good


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