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Joke Silva Listed As One Of The Panelists For The Cannes Film Festival 0 0
GIST -  Joke Silva Listed As One Of The Panelists For The Cannes Film Festival
Joke Silva Listed As One Of The Panelists For The Cannes Film Festival

Joke Silva will be joining a long list of Nollywood practitioners at the Cannes International film festival 2019.

[Image: 2a8e2ddc8d814cdaab3b8eaa5d458a4760055eff.webp]

The famous actress will be joining panelists at the film festival for two sessions to discuss women in the business of film and introduce herself to the world as one of the legends from the African cinema.
Other panelists include Terry Pheto from South Africa, and Gelila Bekele from Ethiopia.
Apart from Joke Silva, other African filmmakers, artistes, and distributors will get a section to market their films at 2019 Cannes film festival.

This is being made possible by Pavillon Afriques for eight African countries and the Caribbean, including Nigeria, Jamaica, South Africa, Ghana, The Gambia, Tanzania, Djibouti, and Burkina Faso.

It was also gathered that the platform had acquired a venue within the Marché du Film (International film market) of the Cannes Film Festival.

[Image: 76cf0089729a6cbc0ed531eb09330bb6e3d4c405.webp]

Confirming the move in a statement, Pavillon Afrique said, 'African filmmakers, artists, distributors and key stakeholders in the industry will have the opportunity to showcase contents and unique potential at the 2019 Cannes international film festival.

The African filmmakers, distributors, and artists will interact, sell films, find partners and expand their professional network with other film industry professionals at Marché du Film, world’s biggest film market.'
The film stakeholder from different African countries are to discuss, trade, make deals and take advantage of the unique atmosphere at the Festival.
The 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festival is scheduled to hold on May 12, 2019, to May 25, 2019, in France.

Congratulations to her o


[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]Luis Suarez has just scored the most audacious of penalties for Barcelona against Real Madrid this evening, giving it the Panenka at the Bernabeu.
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]The Uruguay international must have balls of steel to try something as cheeky as this in such a big game at an away ground of a major rival.[/font]

[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]And yet, there he is, chipping it home like it’s not big deal to make it 3-0 to Barcelona and more or less guarantee their place in the Copa del Rey final.[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]And some people think this guy’s finished…[/font]

Quote:[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]Panenka penalty, Suarez trolling Real Madrid ??

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[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]— FootyYapper (@FootyYapper) 

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Wow! That's great.. Congratulations

Waoh... That's a great piece

That's okay, at least he has something


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