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Muslim-Muslim ticket: I am proud of my role in stopping Tinubu – Saraki 0 0
GIST -  Muslim-Muslim ticket: I am proud of my role in stopping Tinubu – Saraki
    Senate President Bukola Saraki today said he was
proud of his role in stopping All Progressives Congress,
APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu from
becoming the vice-presidential candidate of the APC in
Saraki in a statement yesterday said that he did not
mind that the APC leader would continue to bellyache
over the issue which he said was prompted by national
Responding to assertions made against him at the APC
presidential campaign rally in Ilorin, Kwara State on
Monday, Saraki in a statement signed by his Special
Adviser (Media and Publicity),Yusuph Olaniyonu, stated
that the APC leaders know that their party would lose the
presidential and National Assembly elections on February
16, 2019 and hence the resort to name calling and
avoidance of the issues.
“As for Tinubu, we have never expected any good words
from him. All his life, he will continue to belly ache and
nurse grudges over my opposition to the Muslim-Muslim
ticket idea in 2015. As far as he is concerned, I stopped
him from realizing his ambition then. However, I believe
my action then and now is in pursuit of national interest.
Again, I supported President Buhari in 2015 because I
believe he could make a positive change. I left the party
when I realized he lacked the capacity and the desire to
make any change.
“Tinubu on his own part said though he agreed with me
about my assessment of the man, he would continue to
support Buhari even if the man had to govern from the
hospital stretcher because that is the way he (Tinubu)
could become the President in 2023. So, while my
position is premised on national interest, Tinubu’s is
based on his personal interest and ambition. Now that
Tinubu’s new speciality is to hurl insults at people like
former President Olusegun Obasanjo and former Vice
President Atiku Abubakar, focusing on me today is okay
if it will help him feel good.
“It is surprising that a man like Tinubu will be talking
about morality and corruption. This is a man whose
disrepute is known both within and outside Nigeria. This
is somebody who personifies everything that is wrong
with the Nigerian system. Well, I am not ready to roll in
the gutter with him. Unlike them, I will stay on the issues
that are germane to national development and the
welfare of our people.
“However, let me make it clear that what Tinubu and his
putative party chairman, Oshiomhole did today is to
insult the people of Kwara State who are independent
minded, forward looking, assertive and God-fearing. On
Saturday, the APC will be punished for their bad
behaviour. Kwarans will tell them that they cannot take
dictates from power mongers, pretenders and
hypocrites. The people of Kwara State will never take
dictates from selfish individuals. Their evil design will be
thwarted on Saturday and March 2”, Saraki stated.
“They came to Kwara State to hurl insults at me and my
people, instead of explaining to the people what they
want to do differently and what contributions their
flagbearers and other leaders in the State have made to
our various communities to justify the people shifting
their loyalty to their dying party. They promised nothing
concrete that will improve the standard of living of the
people and provide infrastructure.
“They have only come to Kwara to vindicate my position
that they have no good plans for Kwara State and its
people. It is obvious that the APC have nothing to offer
Kwarans. They represent nothing good for our people.
My problem with them has always been that after we
worked with our people to support them to win in 2015,
they refused to work on infrastructure and other policy
issues that can bring direct benefit to our people.”


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