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Officers Who Shot Man Dead On Video In Benin Are From Sister Agency - Police Claim 0 0
GIST -  Officers Who Shot Man Dead On Video In Benin Are From Sister Agency - Police Claim
The Nigeria Police Force has denied its officers’ involvement
in the shooting death of an unarmed man.
The Police also claim that the victim of extra-judicial
shooting was one of the kidnap-for-ransom kidnap
syndicate that were rounded up by “sister security agents.
The NPF has failed to state which sister agent it talks
The incident in the video is that of a man who is lined up
along with others who all appear unarmed when they were
arrested by some men in what appears to be Police
The wildly circulated video shows the security agents
holding guns over some men that are made to lie down on
the ground. There is no struggle between the men and the
security agents as far as the video is concerned.
The video soon drifts to a man in white shirt being dragged
by his trousers by one security agent, while another officer
walks behind him, holding a gun to his back.
The man in white shirt is soon thrown down and shot at
close range. Again, there is no struggle.
In reaction, the Nigeria Police Force has taken to its
unverified Twitter handle, @PoliceNG_PCRRU, to deny the
involvement of its men.
In the tweet, Police Complaint situates the incident in Edo
State, as also claimed by the video upload which indicates
that the incident happened in Benin City, capital of Edo
Police says via the Police Complaint Twitter handle, “It has
been established that the armed men in the viral video are
not officers of the Police Nigeria, but operatives of a sister
security agency.
“All the men rounded up in the video are members of a
violent kidnap-for-ransom syndicate who were tracked…”
The Police added in the tweet after reviewing “the viral
video purported to be Police officers,” they heard “an
alleged gunshot sound.”
It states that investigation has been launched, with tracking
No. #PCRRU908001. The Police urge members of the public
to “Pls contact us if you’ve additional info.”
On its Facebook page, Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit
– PCRRU, Nigeria Police Force states: “The PCRRU has
received and viewed a video circulating on the social media
purported to be that of policemen and an alleged gunshot
“A message accompanying this video describes the scene as
that of the shooting of an unarmed young man in Benin-City,
today (Tuesday, January 29, 2019).
“An investigation has been launched and the tracking number
of this case is #PCRRU908001.
“Anyone with additional information such as date and the
exact location of the scene in this video should please
contact the PCRRU on phone number 0805 700 0001, 0805
700 0002, WhatsApp/SMS 0805 700 0003 or drop a comment
under this post.”

Thorough investigation needed

Thorough investigation needed

How did they notice it
Its somehow confusing

This is confusing he should be arrested for that and interrogated

Wicked people everywhere

Especially these so called officers

Hmm these is very serious

Which one is sister agency again bayi

Its a lie...most of this officers abuse civilians just because they are putting on uniform..

May God save our soul from Nigeria police


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