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Rapper Zlatan Smokes Marijuana In The Presence Of Police Escort 0 0
GIST -  Rapper Zlatan Smokes Marijuana In The Presence Of Police Escort
Days after a photojournalist was arrested for being where people were smoking weed, rapper ZlatanIbile proudly steams his marijuana in the presence of his police escort in Lagos.

Watch the video below;

Ma wao

Ma wao

Nothing is new.

What do you expect, he is paying them na

If it's another person they will carry d the matter like government work

That thing his smoking is just made cigarettes as far as his concerned. The one you and I smoke will be weed or marijuana since we both don't have the money or power to hire a police escort. That's how crazy life is.
The more you walk, the close you get. 
SireRumu II


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