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I think most people are really sick, may you or your sister, or child not pray to experience rape, but you out there advocating and giving reasons why you think a lady should be raped may you experience it, 

Some guys/ladies seriously needs to be taken to the Zoo because that is where deserve.
Irrespective  of a ladies outlook.. even if she wants let her walk round the  street naked you have no right to rape them..Its  her own body and can do what ever she likes, 
It's high time we say no to abnormalities like this, 

Some people said why should a lady visit a guy? If she gets rapped its her fault,  Why shouldn't a lady visit a guy??  Why should he rape her?? 

Even if she walks seductively or shake her ass that does not warrant any guy to rape a girl...  India have 1 of the highest rate of rape incident but they  dress very decent, indecency has nothing to do with rape....  

Do you know rape could lead to depression suicide and even death?  Why would you torture a person? 

What of men who rape muslim girls in their hijab..Niqab,Burka,Chador...So they dressed provocatively??.....
you have a problem if u can't control yourself around women...And you need a Psychiatrist. 

Guys, your giving excuses of ladies not covering body properly shows you don't have self control. that is why some will even see a 4 year old child running about naked and have the guts to go and rape her.even 1 year old child,  

So every neked female should be raped?  Go and rape animals then fool, 

I suggest you guys start checking yourselves and stop looking for who to blame(if you have this poor mentality even if you have not raped before mark it in my words that you are a rapist) 

 LETS SAY NO TO RAPE.....  bottom line if you cant control your sex appetite try to patronize a sex hooker some of you need psychological therapy because you are a sex addict but you don't know .......

Her No means No, 
Say no to rape
Real men don't rape



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