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Signs That You Are In A One-Sided Relationship 0 0
GIST -  Signs That You Are In A One-Sided Relationship
It is possible to be so in love that you don't notice that you’re all alone in the relationship, pulling the dead weight of your partner.

There are so many reasons why your partner would not be interested in the relationship and not tell you: he doesn't want to hurt your feelings, he doesn't know what he wants, he is cheating, he is immature or he is just stupid.

Whatever be the case, here are ways to tell if you are in a one-sided relationship.

1. You always take initiatives
Whether it is a plan for a date, hang out with friends or simply things to do as a couple, the ideas always come from you.

2. He doesn't know as much about you as you do about him
You may be so consumed with getting to know details about his life but then he is not as zealous. The funniest thing is that you might not even realize it so do a test one day.

3. You don't feel like a priority
Girl, learn to listen to your intuition. What do your guts tell you about him? Also, do you see visible efforts of how he prioritizes you?

4. He is not there when you need him
There is always one excuse after the other. Even when you tell him you need emotional support and care, he does not seem bothered enough to go an extra mile or he is insensitive.

5. Your friends and family red-flag him
If at least 2-3 people have said something negative about him and how he treats you, be warned.

6. He is passive about fights
When you fight, he seems indifferent or would prefer quick fixes instead of finding the root cause and attacking it.

7. You are always the bad guy
You end up apologizing for almost everything and you find yourself being super careful not to hurt his feelings yet you don't see him do the same for you.

This just the bitter truth... You've said it all

It takes few of our Nigerian girl's to know this

Good to know,thanks alot..

That's it thank you I ry appreciate

Thanks for the information

Make Sense. Thanks for the enlightenment


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