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Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber 0 0
Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber
Cucumber is a fruit that is high on nutrients that are very beneficial to the body. It also has certain antioxidants and plant compounds that help to cure and prevent some certain conditions.

[Image: 0fgjhs2pnqv58mrfng.950eecd6.jpg]

Cucumber helps in reducing weight and it also promotes hydration because of the presence of low calories and good amount of water and soluble fibre.
Below are some of the health benefits of cucumber:

1. Protect the Brain.
Cucumbers contain fisetin which is an anti-inflammatory flavonol that plays a very important role in brain development. Apart from developing the brain, fisetin also aids in protecting the cells of the nerves from declining as a result of age.

2. Fight Inflammation
Cucumber aids in cooling the inflammatory response of your body. Studies have suggested that the extract gotten from cucumber reduces inflammations that are unwanted from the body.

3. Good Fresh Breath
Ayurveda principles posit that consumption of cucumber helps to reduce stomach heat that causes bad breath. A slice of cucumber placed in your mouth aids to fight against bacteria that causes mouth odour

4. Antioxidants properties
Vitamin C and beta-carotene which are well known antioxidants are present in cucumber. Cucumber also contains other flavonoids of antioxidants like quercetin, kaempferol, luteolin and apigenin, which also provide additional benefits to the body like preventing cancer and chronic diseases.

5. Stress Management
The presence of the multiple B vitamins in cucumber helps to reduce the feelings of anxiety and helps to lessen or moderate the impact of some damaging effects of stress.

6. Healthy weight maintenance
Cucumber helps in weight reduction because of the low calories it contains. A cup full slice of cucumber contains just 16 calories. Cucumber is a fibre rich food that may help in weigth reduction.

7. Support Heart Health
The presence of potassium in cucumber helps to lower the level of blood pressure in the body. For your body to function properly it needs a balanced level of potassium in your cell.

Protect the brain, very funny Rolleyes

It even safes us from infections too

Thanks for the information..


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