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How To Share Netflix Movies, Shows On Instagram Stories 0 0
How To Share Netflix Movies, Shows On Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories are one of the most popular communication methods in the world. This platform is in fact used daily by influencers and personalities from the entertainment world and for this reason, companies try to advertise themselves by proposing collaborations and initiatives of various kinds, exploiting the aforementioned service. One of them is obviously Netflix, which makes its own original content a real hallmark and a source of pride.

This guide will help you understand how to use the Instagram and Netflix applicationsavailable on iPhone (currently not supported by Android) to create stories focused on TV series and movies that you are passionate about or have done in the past.

The Netflix App For IPhone Collaborates With Instagram
Once the procedure is completed (very simple) you will immediately find yourself in the History creation screen. The latter will, therefore, be characterized by a background dedicated to the TV series or to the film chosen (usually the cover or a promotional image) and its title which will instead be treated as a resizable “sticker”.
Obviously, there will be the possibility of adding more stickers from the Instagram catalog such as music tracks, animated GIFs, questions, surveys, text and more.

To share Netflix content within a story:
  • Open the Netflix app on the iPhone and select a TV series or movie

  • Click on the share button (small square with up arrow) 

  • Continue with “Instagram Stories”

Some non-original or little-known content may not have the editable title, but will still be shared as if they were simple important images from the gallery.

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