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How to Get your New Post Indexed on New Google Search Console (Beta) 0 0
How to Get your New Post Indexed on New Google Search Console (Beta)
Today, i will teach you how to get your new post indexed since we all noticed Google has updated the Google webmaster and removing Google index tool but only few of us know that the new Google search console can perform all this action write from the Google webmaster.
Most of us have been following the Method of getting post indexed but still not faster as we expect it, alot of my readers have been asking for this method for a while gave me an opportunity to write about it.
This method has worked for me in crawling my tech news article faster on google so as to meet other tech blogs.

There is a saying that says the faster you rank the more benefits of staying at high pages on SERPS but now Google has also added that quality contents will rank higher and that is determined by how users react with your post on Google, but i won’t be explaining deep on that.

How to Get your New Post Indexed on New Google Search Console
  • Visit 

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    , Login your Details.

  • You should see the new search console.

  • in the search box above close to the logo paste the URL of the link you want to get indexed quickly.[Image: search-box-console.png?resize=597%2C149&ssl=1]

  • Then Enter, A new screen should display showing details of the URL.

  • Look for “URL not on Google” then look on the same box you will “Request Indexing.

  • [Image: click-request-index.png?resize=542%2C188&ssl=1]CLick it, After running to index you should see a confirmation message saying its getting indexed.
[Image: new-answer-indexed.png?resize=502%2C149&ssl=1]
  • Then Click Got it.
Thats it, Now your post will be crawled by Google bots in less than 5-10mins , keep calm let Google do the rest and Boom you indexed and ranking with others.
Are you still having difficulties? Comment below.

good job we have learnt alot

Thanks for the information


Thank you... Hoping to see more update on this

Thumbs Up 
Wow! This a job well done.. Thumb up

Thanks for the information


Tnx alot oooo very much 4 d info

Thank you very much.. .I'll check it


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