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How to Post on Gistbaze.com [Full Guidelines] 3.83 6
How to Post on Gistbaze.com [Full Guidelines]
Gistbaze.com is a Naija News and Celebrity Gists Social forum that pays Nigerians for being active in the forum. It is based on a Refer, Post and Earn System. 

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How do I post on Gistbaze.com?
Below is the step by step guide to post on Gistbaze.com
1. Visit Gistbaze homepage at https://www.gistbaze.com

2. At the Homepage, select the forum you wish to Post as shown below

3. Next, click POST THREAD

4. Input your Post Title, Post Description and Select Picture to Upload in the Attachment section

5. Lastly, Click Post Thread to Publish Post, Preview Post to see how the post will be before publish, Save as Draft to Save and edit later.

To Publish post, Click Post Thread and your Post will be published.

  1. Users can't post in the Featured Section, Only admins
  2. Avoid posting p*rnographic content
  3. Avoid posting spamming content
  4. Avoid Copy and Paste. 
  5. No Posting of links till after the first 10 posts
  6. Limit 10 posts daily, you can earn more by referring users, reply new post (commenting), rating thread, and viewing posts.
  7. You earn ₦20 for each new post and ₦100 for featured posts
  8. All posts are automatically moderated and once approved by the admin, you get ₦20 for non-Featured post and ₦100 for featured post, If spammy, your post get deleted and you get nothing.
  9. Post approval takes 2 mins to 24hours 
  10. Only Premium Members can post thread and comment at MyNigeriastudent
What is Featured Post
Featured Posts are posts in the Homepage of Gistbaze.com. You get additional ₦80 when your post is featured at the homepage.

Good Qualities of a Featured Post
Below at the qualities of a post to be featured
1. Use of Good English Language
2. Free from Copyright (Gistbaze has a Copyright tool Smile to check If your post is copied and pasted without using your own word i.e Ctrl C + Ctrl V)
3. Post in the right section (Sport post for sport section, Jamb Post for Jamb Section...)
Once you meet up with this Criteria your post will be featured at the homepage.
4. Featured post earnings will only be credited with post with no copyright. 

Note: You can not post links in your first 10 articles. After your first 10 post, you have lifted your limit and post links

Feeling confused, ask your questions in the comment box below

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Wow get it

thanks for the guidance

In 1990, Shina Peters built a house with N20 million naira; the same year Jim Ovia started Zenith Bank with the same amount.
Today, you and I don't have a room in Shina's house but I have an account in Jim's bank and probably you do too.
Shina's house was built in Iju Lagos and remains there till date.
Jim's bank started in a corner and now has over 500 branches in Nigeria, and many international branches.
Millions upon millions transact business in Jim's bank daily.
Shina's house is becoming dilapidated...in 2015, he SPENT more money to renovate the house and bought a Nissan Pathfinder with N10 million...additional liability, while in the same 2015, Jim's bank MADE a profit of N105.7 billion.
Zenith bank employs hundreds of thousands, and feeds their families.
This is the difference between Assets and Liability. If you buy a car for N20 million today, in 20 years time, you will be ashamed to drive it. On the other hand, if you invest that same amount in a lucrative business or in an asset, It may be worth billions in 20 years. ( Jim Ovia is now worth $980 million dollars, with the official dollar rate of N320, that means he is worth N313 BILLION NAIRA because of an investment of N20 million).
Spend the little money you have today wisely. Some people driving expensive cars today, are not aware that they are driving their future and the future of their children. Some people carrying iphone7 today, may not be aware that they are carrying their future.
When you are young, don't spend money. Invest it.
Every penny in your hand is like a seed, you can decide to eat it, or sow it. When you sow it, it will bear much more seeds later in future.........
I rest my case, don't be a mad person.. I done go!

Kudos to this admin

good good
what a great platform

(01-24-2019, 02:28 PM)Lizzie Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

thanks for the guidance

Thumbs Up 
What a user-friendly platform with well-detailed guidelines. Thanks Admin.

how to post

(01-26-2019, 07:23 PM)okpah izuchukwu Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

how to post

thanks alot

(01-26-2019, 07:23 PM)okpah izuchukwu Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

how to post

thanks alot

okay.. .. .

Fully noted down

Ok now I've learn


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