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"I am confused why anyone will want to vote for Buhari again" #DEFENDYOURVOTES - Davido Tweets 4 1
"I am confused why anyone will want to vote for Buhari again" #DEFENDYOURVOTES - Davido Tweets
[Image: 5c5feab1e8bca.PNG]

Davido is certainly not in support of the re-election of President Buhari. According to him, he wonders why anyone will want to re-elect President Buhari. See what he wrote on his instastories below
[Image: 5c5fe9786ae25.jpeg][Image: 5c5fe98a1c814.jpeg][Image: 5c5fe99751ee5.jpeg][Image: 5c5fe9a51753c.jpeg][Image: 5c5fe9afb7cef.jpeg][Image: 5c5fe9bb610d3.jpeg][Image: 5c5fe9c602bba.jpeg][Image: 5c5fe9d0a5378.jpeg][Image: 5c5fe9dc67e1c.jpeg]
[Image: 5c5feb33667ae.PNG][Image: 5c5feb49726a8.PNG]

We all have our own opinion

Buhari has already lost, no two ways about it

Cause we don't need looters

Hmmm no body is voting for buhari 2019

Nobody is votin buhari again  oo

Davido is right o


That is of good talk. I dont know you will think so.

Me i think anyone voting for buhari is not okay

Davido good man may God be with u

I'm confused as well... I believe any body campaigning for the man is not a nigerian

Davido has no right to say the things he did in the manner he said them. It is disrespectful to this government. Clearly he has no idea of the ongoing works of this administration. His idea of development is seeing huge infrastructure like in the united states.  A lot of Nigerians are ignorant of our economic developments and it's because they don't genuinely follow the news. They prefer to update themselves through words of other people, which are mostly false information. Allow me point out a few facts which evidently shows the development of Nigeria under this administration. 

Nigerian GDP is ranked as the 23 best economy in the world and 1st in africa with an approximate $1trillion with no threatening dept tied to it. This GDP was achieved between the four years of Buhari's government, as opposed to the $500b it was at when Jonathan stepped down. A typical Nigerian doesn't know what GDP is. Gross domestic product is like the worth of a country to put in a lay mans definition. USA has a GDP of $19trillion with a debt of $20trillion tied to it. 

On a normal election year in Nigeria, the atmosphere by now would have been aired with tons of cash from every corner. I dare you to mention just one big campaign spender this election. This is to show you how much this administration has achieved in the fight against corruption. Nobody wants to spend more because it's no longer guaranteed that he/she will make back all the money spent on campaign if elected. I can go on and on but I hope this share a little light to the ignorant Nigerian.
The more you walk, the close you get. 
SireRumu II

It is all story story....

Okay oo.. Thanks for the update gistbaze news

U are right davido we no need am


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