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I can swear with the Holy Koran that INEC told PDP before postponing the election - Adams Oshiomole (Video) 0 0
I can swear with the Holy Koran that INEC told PDP before postponing the election - Adams Oshiomole (Video)
APC National chairman, Adams Oshiomole has accused INEC of colluding with PDP.

Speaking at a special caucus meeting of the APC on Monday morning, Oshiomole said INEC had earlier informed PDP before postponing last Saturday's elections.

Quote:''I can put my hand on the holy Koran that INEC knew they were going to postpone this election and shared this information with the Peoples Democratic Party PDP and advised them not to waste  their resources'' Oshiomole said
Watch the video below...


They told APC too

Its their business. Whether they told them or not, who that one epp

Only Allah SWT knows what's hidden. And am pretty sure that the truth shall definitely prevail one day.

How are we so sure if itsi true or false, we never can tell

Can someone please shut this pathetic piece of apeshit up!

[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]A former Governor of Oyo State, Rashidi Ladoja, on Saturday asked the Independent National Electoral Commission to cancel all the ballot papers it had distributed in the run-up to the 2019 elections, saying they would have leaked by now.[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]He condemned the deferral of the 2019 elections, saying, “a bunch of incompetent people are taking Nigeria for a ride.”[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]Reacting to the postponement of the presidential and National Assembly elections, Ladoja said the implication was that the entire world would not take Nigeria seriously again.[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]“It took them four years before they know that the election was going to be today. How many businessmen will take you seriously? You want businessmen to come from abroad when you cannot even predict and organise simple elections.[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]“Does it mean we cannot plan anything successfully in Nigeria? This is sad. A bunch of incompetent people are taking the country for a ride.”[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]“If I were President Buhari, I would sack the national leadership of INEC because they are the ones doing it.[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]“A lot of people travelled from abroad to come and vote in their country. Are they going to stay in the country for another week? It is sad. It is a colossal waste for everybody.[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]“I don’t see hope in this INEC when they cannot organise the elections. The blame is with the INEC,” the ex-governor added.[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]Decrying the timing of the announcement, Ladoja said, “They should have told us on Wednesday or Thursday that we were not ready and not at the last minute.[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]“The reasonable thing is to also cancel the distributed ballot papers because they would have leaked by now and that would cost billions to do again. It is sad.[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]“Mr. President should sack them. They have destroyed the credibility of Nigeria and Nigerians in the international community.[/font]
[font=Charter, Helvetica, 华文细黑]“This is criminal negligence. Schools have closed down. Now, are they going to say the children should stay at home again till next week? It is sad,” Ladoja lamented[/font]

hmm only God knows the truth

I just hate this mans life, a very good man before

I can't vividly said know because life is risky


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