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Dear Boys
If a girl ever cried ? for you, just know that girl really loves ❤ you. She is not desperate ?, nooo she just can't afford to loose you?. Some girls don't just sleep with a guy when they don't love the guy ?, the fact that she is opening legs for you that should tell you something??. Don't say she is cheap ?coz she slept with you. Some girls are not after your money ?, they just love ❤ you for who you are ?. Women need to be taken care of??, she need to feel loved ❤ bro. She want your attention as her man?? Stop treating the poor girl badly ?, begin to treat her right ??, some girls don't cheat coz they want to cheat ?They are forced, learn to love & respect your woman bro?❤?, be there for her?
She gave you her whole heart❤, she is expecting the same it really hurts ? to see someone caring so much for someone who doesn't see it ??. If you don't love her why lie ??? Maybe if you have been honest with her she would've moved on & find the guy who really know how a woman is treated?❤. You should see how many inboxes she ignores ☺, you should see how many guys she turn down every day??. You should see how she is even trying to change the way she dress ? so that you can see her better but what do you do ?? 
You treat her as an option, that's not cool bro??, not at all ?
Treat your woman right???.......@#expensive_FCF

Well written

Cool forum



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