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Lady exposes nasty chats between her boyfriend and another lady 0 0
Lady exposes nasty chats between her boyfriend and another lady
An angry woman has taken to social media to share nasty chats between her boyfriend and another woman trying to steal her man.
[size=undefined]The aggrieved lady came across the chats where her boyfriend was negotiating s*x with the other woman and even asked her to send him photos of her lady parts.
Rather than call out her boyfriend, she took screenshots and shared them on Twitter, then called out the other woman.
Twitter users have called out the poster for her actions and told her to drag her unfaithful boyfriend instead.
See more screenshots below:

[Image: 5c6513e012673.png]

[Image: cupcake1.jpg]

[Image: cupcake2.jpg]

[Image: cupcake3-1.jpg]

[Image: cupcake4.jpg]

Nice update on here good one from you my guy

Nice one... No photos??

this lady is seriously mean what an exposure

Okay thanks for the information here

She shouldn't have done that 


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