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Laugh out loud
I came back to my posts to see some buharists (I refuse to spell buhari's name with a capital letter), removing their boxers to shit in my comment section. 

And they aren't even on my friend list o. It's like they have a stupidity alarm that notifies them wherever someone makes an anti-buhari post. Like the way flies come out of nowhere whenever you bring out ogiri.

I dey talk wetin dey pain me una dey come out with diarrhoea of the mouth and with the English of your president to tell me "ATIKU is a thief and blobloblo".

I na awi ara o.

Mama gi na awi ara.

Papa gi na awi ara.

Agburu gi na awi ara.

Bia buharideens, carry your IQ that is the same number as your shoe size and stay away from my posts. I don't do civility. I don't even have time for civil discourse. I'll shower you with ad hominems.

Respect your old age. Or at least that of una president. If you feel the need to off your boxers and purge, rant HQ dey for you.

Ehen back to the matter; VOTE ATIKU COME NEXT WEEK SATURDAY O 

Tunyere ATIKU n'izu uka n'abia.



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which one are we laughing out loud


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