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my AFRICAN QUEEN when are you going to FALL IN LOVE with me.cos of you i have turned a poet,rapper and now am singing indian songsYour beauty is AFRICA'S NO. 1.your baka na OLEKU.i am not a player like the other guys cos am not eager to ENTER THE PLACE,but i don't mind getting involved in the IMPLICATION.i will not TEASE you like the bad guys,but i will CHERISH our love.am not like the BROTHER OLE that broke your heart.BE MY WOMAN and i will be your man everyday.i no go do KELEKELE love.I AM NOT AFRAID cos i can catch a GRENADE for you.OMO TO SHAN say yes NONI and let's be TEN OVER TEN.because of you i stopped doing BUMPER TO BUMPER with all those girls.join me in this ACTION FILM and let's become UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONS.ASA said LOVE DON'T LAST,but our's will last forever just like the fairy tales.MY ENDLESS LOVE,come let's dance ALL NIGHT LONG.you won't have to DANCE WITH MY FATHER cos i will be here with you.let the haters continue to RUN THEIR MOUTH cos i know you are not like those JAWOJAWO girls.you are not a FACEBOOK LOVE cos i have seen you the way you really are and not the manipulated digital images we see on facebook.just call my name and I WILL BE THERE.you are UNFORGETTABLE AND IRREPLACEABLE.they say love is blind,but i would rather have you and be blind than be without you and have sight.baby am COMING HOME cos am LOST WITHOUT YOU.give me that KISS FROM A ROSE.you can COUNT ON ME cos DADDY COOL.YOU ARE STILL THE ONE OLOLUFE,say yes and let GONGO ASO ON OUR WEDDING DAY.it would an ideal LAGOS PARTY and it would be JUST THE TWO OF US.we will be the PARTY RIDER and then we can do the SEXUAL SEDUCTION.they say NO ONE KNOWS tomorrow,but with you i know my tomorrow am willing to go to jail so long you are my JAILER.baby you dey do me STRONG THING.love me even though i have ONE NAIRA and show me STAMINA in any weather.UNBREAK MY HEART and let all the haters say APA TI JABO.to all the other girls ENI DURO cos i have found TRUE LOVE.DO ME and show me the STRENGTH OF A WOMAN.JOLENE,wear your COAT OF MANY COLOURS and let's FLY WITHOUT WINGS.my LIBERIAN GIRL,DON'T WORRY,BE HAPPY cos EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT.give me SEXUAL HEALING and let's be FOREVER YOUNG.SOMEBODY WANTS TO DIE cos you are giving me MALARIA and it's KILLING ME SOFTLY.it's a HARDKNOCK life and am willing to go to the school of hardknocks for you.come under my UMBRELLA cos God is about to SEND DOWN THE RAIN and I DEY CATCH COLD.my ADA OWERRI you dey make my heart go YORIYORI .sometimes i feel like LETTING GO,but the POWER OF LOVE keeps telling me the GIRL IS MINE which is why i can't afford to be SPEECHLESS.ANGEL OF MY LIFE,HOLD MY HAND and let's MUKULU MUKEKE.WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD it would be to live with you cos am willing to be your SCAPE GOAT,but it is getting CRITICAL cos those girls want to GBA OKO LOWE EE.they say NO WOMAN,NO CRY,but with me you won't have to cry cos you won't TRY SLEEPING WITH A BROKEN HEART.SISI EKO don't try to alter our destiny cos WHATEVER WILL BE,WILL BE,NO BE MISTAKE.don't FIMILE baby cos there is NO ONE LIKE YOU.na wa oooo with all these story you no still gree.fuck love,am tired of trying.I HATE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU GIRL,IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE,but it's over now.PSSSSCHEEEEW.I DON'T WANT YOU BACK.now i have to FORGET YOU cos there is NO TIME.

This is nice. Am just wondering how long it took you to come up with this.
The more you walk, the close you get. 
SireRumu II

this concotion is funny as if its rap but poet

Who sang the song... .??



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