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JAMB 2019 NOVEL (Sweet Sixteen) Possible Questions And Answer - Hello guys, in preparation for the forthcoming JAMB, we have drafted a list of possible questions JAMB may ask in use of english(SWEET SIXTEEN)question and answer

30 Questions & Accurate Answers from SWEET SIXTEEN

1. Who is the protagonist in the book sweet sixteen?ANS. Aliya

2. What was the introductory statement on Aliya’s 16thbirthday letter?ANS.”How time flies”

3. In the department of rascality and smartness who wasthe gold medalist?ANS. Akin.

4. To Aliya what is the meaning of beingdumb?ANS. Not being intelligent.

5. What is the title of chapter one of sweet sixteen?ANS. The letter.

6. What is Aliya’s mother profession?ANS. Nursing.

7. What is the name of Aliya’s father?ANS. Mr. Bello

8. To Aliya being called a child is the same thing as?ANS. Stupid.

9. At the birth of Aliya what was he fathers profession?ANS. Journalism.

10. The only thing Aliya’s father thought was worthcelebrating was?ANS. Achievements not birthday.

11. The name of the writer of sweet sixteen is ?ANS. Bolaji Abdullahi.

12. What name disgusted Aliya most?ANS. You could call her chubby, plump but not fat.At What age did Aliya start wearing bra?ANS. 

13. At the age of ten.At what age did Aliya get into secondary school?ANS. 

14. What was Aliyas perception about herroommate Grace?ANS. She was a nice and generous person.

15. What was the proof that Aliya was serious in herchemistry for the term?ANS. 

16. It reflected in her continuous Assessment and shemade an A at the end of the term.What kind of girls did Mr. Bello say boys like?ANS. Dumb girls.

17. According to sweet sixteen what is the main aim ofchess game?ANS.To capture opponents king.

18. Why did Aliya not return Tokunbos teddy bear which hegave her on Valentine’s day?ANS. She thought she won’t do that without hurtinghim.

19. Aliya’s religion was?ANS. Islamic religion.

20. What is the title of Aliyas 16th birthday letter?ANS. ”Letter to my daughter”

21. What was Aliya’s sixteenth birthday present?ANS. A portable digital Camera.

22. What was so special about Aliya’s 16th birthday letter?ANS. It had 16 pages and each page for each year ofher life.

23. What was Aliya doing when grace returned from thebathroom on Aliya 16th birthday?ANS. Dressing her bed.

24. What are the definitions Mr. Bello give as the meaningof dumb girls?ANS. A girl who needs to live up to peoples’sexpectation

25. What statement does Aliya father make to enddiscussions during visiting days?ANS. ”By the way do you still have your inhalers”

26. What sickness was Aliya suffering from?ANS. Asthma.

27. What advice did Aliya’s father give to her when sheasked if she could return the teddy to bobo.ANS. “Well is a decision you have to make for yourself”.

28. Mention two incidence that stopped Aliya from returningBobo’s teddy to him?.ANS.The duty master approaching them in their mode ofdiscussion and secondly tokunbo travelling to Ireland.

29. What is Bobo’s real name ?ANS. Tokunbo.

30. She felt she could be charged for the number of wordsshe spoke who is this?ANS. Grace.

Nice and magnificent information

Nice and magnificent information

Tnx oooo 4 d question and answers

Thank you very much this is helpful

Thank you very much this is helpful

I like that novel it is very interesting and straight forward no problem at all

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