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SEX SCANDAL: Nigeria's Senator-elect Stripped, Beaten In Viral Video [GET FULL GIST HERE] 5 1
NEW -  SEX SCANDAL: Nigeria's Senator-elect Stripped, Beaten In Viral Video [GET FULL GIST HERE]
A nude video showing the Deputy Speaker of Nasarawa State House of Assembly, Godiya Akwashiki, has gone viral on social media.
Mr Akwashiki, who represents Nasarawa Eggon west in the state assembly, was allegedly caught in the act of trying to sleep with the wife of former National Judicial Council (NJC) secretary, Danladi Envuluanza.
Mr Akwashiki was recently elected senator to represent Nasarawa North Senatorial District.
In the viral video, the lawmaker was heard begging for water to drink while another voice which many believe to be that of Mr Envulanza’s was speaking at the background.
A source close to the Envulanza family told PREMIUM TIMES Mr Akwashiki had already accepted the allegations and attributed it to the devil in his confessional statement to the police at the Maitama police station.
[Image: 0a4fd5b44591aaa75d719e2f7d8994be37e6315c.webp]
Danladi Envuluanza
He said the lawmaker got Mrs Envulanza’s number with the intention that she will help him convince her husband to support his senatorial ambition.
“After the election, he has been calling her more often, like three to four times daily. With the way events have taken a different dimension and the fact that he has shown interest on Danladi’s wife, she warned him on two occasions,” the source said.
He said despite the warning, the lawmaker still persisted in making sexual advances towards her.
[Image: 87164e78b9d2662ac971b061727ff80c23f731f7.webp]
He said on the day of the incident, the lawmaker contacted Mr Envulanza’s security to ask him where his boss was as at that time, The security told him his boss had travelled to Jos.
“Not satisfied with the answer, he called Danladi’s driver to also ask about the whereabouts of his boss and of course, the driver told him that Danladi had travelled to Jos.”
“It looked like a perfect time for the devil to book an appointment with Danladi’s wife.”
“He phoned her and made arrangements for her to meet him at exclusive stores supermarket where he will buy the drinks they will drink at the hotel he was taking her to.”
He said unknown to the lawmaker, Mr. Envulanza didn’t travel to Jos and was aware of the plan and had been monitoring the situation.
“It was after he picked her up and was taking her to a hotel that he was caught and beaten by some angry youths. He was then handed over to the police.”
“At Maitama police station, Godiya Akwashiki confessed to have committed the crime of wanting to sleep with Danladi’s wife and that he was taking her to a hotel.”
[Image: c06ac7402a139400782929cee2f56f6b5fb47bc9.webp]
“There are glaring evidences that affirm this truthful account. Notably amongst them are the recorded conversations between Godiya Akwashiki and Danladi’s wife and his written confessional statement given to personnel of the Nigerian Police Force, Maitama police station.”
He said the lawmaker’s confessional statement was given in front of some notable national executives of the All Progressive Congress (APC).
He debunked the rumor that the lawmaker was caught in the house of the politician.
“I wish to make some clarification on the sex scandal. Godiya Akwashiki was not caught at Danladi’s residence; Danladi has not in anyway framed Godiya because he has nothing to benefit from it,” the source said.
[Image: 3c7ad05e0fb1d98623821b7ab027440c61236975.webp]
Efforts to speak to the lawmaker have been unsuccessful as he did not respond to calls and text messages sent to his line. He is believed to be receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital.
However, the lawmaker’s camp has denied the report that he was soliciting for sex from the politician’s wife.
They claimed he was stripped naked at gunpoint and set up in a bid to embarrass him.
The FCT police spokesman, Anjuguri Manzah, when contacted on phone said investigation is still ongoing.
“There is nothing I can say for now, investigation is still ongoing,” Mr Manzah said.

That's Nigeria for you..


That serves him right

That kind thing.. Some of these politicians self

Thanks for the information

I said it.. All this men called honourable are useless men in our society

Some men are just foolish just take a look at them

He shout be dealt with, stupid politician

All of them are useless, imaging a deputy speaker

Those criminals must be arrested

Why did they do that to a senator


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