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We Operated Within Legal Boundary During Presidential Elections – Army 0 0
NEW -  We Operated Within Legal Boundary During Presidential Elections – Army
The Nigerian Army on Saturday said its activities in the just-concluded Presidential and National Assembly polls were within the ambit of the law and rules of engagement.
Reacting to allegations of partisanship, coercion and shooting of voters in some areas across the country during the elections, it said that soldiers deployed on election duty were professional and proactive in their conduct.
According to Spokesman of the army, Col. Sagir Musa, we acted within the requirements of the law, rules of engagement and code of conduct.
During the elections, there were widespread allegations of partisanship, brutality of soldiers on some electorate and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officials, and partisanship in the process.
[Image: 19dfd5c0286ba98b0173a9d9269c50d6a3c544a0.webp]
Electoral officers in some states, including Rivers, Lagos and Delta, accused the military of interfering in the elections.
The soldiers were fingered in shootings that resulted in deaths of many people, and other unwholesome acts allegedly recorded in some states during the polls.
But, Musa told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the army made its position clear before, during and after the elections.
He pointed out that monitors of the elections had commended the army for its role while the exercise lasted.
Our position stands on the verdict given by local and foreign election monitors that commended the Nigerian Army for being professional, proactive, responsive and unbiased, the spokesman said.


Legal boundary indeed

Using Army during election is very bad.. Which way Nigeria

All these armies is just for election ni?

thanks for the update

why most our people don't respect our government
that's why you must test punishment


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when it comes to election most of them the government are the problem

Nigerian army please re-check your group i think are fake solders

This election story should have end by now

This country with there problems I'm tired

I don't think the army engaged in any form of electoral malpractice as they are being accused by PDP. Let them do theor jobs. The army is probably the most decent institution in Nigeria.
The more you walk, the close you get. 
SireRumu II

I just love the way must of the army are trying to keep this nature in peace

This is a big lie

. .

This people should not involve the army in the election


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