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Neymar : The Talented Player Chasing Cristiano and Messi 0 0
Neymar : The Talented Player Chasing Cristiano and Messi
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Neymar, one of the most well-known football star, has a dramatic career. His transfer to PSG broke the most expensive transferring record, 221 million euro. From Santos to Barcelona, and now PSG, Neymar is a garish and talented player that every club would desire. Once the ball comes to his feet, Neymar can always make something unexpected.

Not only in clubs he also plays terrifically in Brazil national team.

Neymar – he is known only by his first name – is hailed as the best Brazillian player to have emerged in the last decade and his dazzling skills are considered indispensable to Brazil’s chances to bag the World Cup for a record sixth time. “This is the first time in the history of Brazilian football that the team’s attack is dependent on just one player,” soccer legend Pelé told the Estado de S. Paulo newspaper.

“If Neymar isn’t playing well, Brazil might play well but they won’t win,” says Rai Souza Vieira de Oliveira, a former Brazil captain. “Neymar’s performances will be the deciding factor.”

Brazil’s number 10 actually seems to thrive on being the center of attention. As a teenage player for the Brazilian club Santos, he stood out not just for his spectacular dribbles and goals but because he wore his hair in a large Mohican with bleached blonde highlights. He conveys the image of a mischievous, carefree scamp, a cheeky but charming joker.

Everyone would remember that 1-7 loss to Germany in 2014 World Cup. It’s humiliating but if Neymar wasn’t injured badly, Brazil might have a chance to advance for the Champion. Now in Russia, Brazilians see Neymar as a savior. “Neymar’s style of play, both aesthetically generous and ruthlessly efficient, has recovered like no other the art at the core of genuine Brazilian football,” writes Paulo Vinicius Coelho in his biography of Neymar. “We had begun to doubt our capacity to produce players who can truly honour this rich tradition. We even began to fear for our footballing identity.”

The Brazilian forward completed a sensational world record-breaking move to the Parc Des Princes last summer in order to continue with his football ambitions. However, there are also many ones who hate him because they think that Neymar left Barcelona and join PSG for the highest pay and call him “Moneymar”.

Neymar had an impressive first season in the Ligue 1 before it was brought to a premature end after he sustained a foot injury in a local derby against Marseille at the end of February.

Despite that though, Neymar was named the Ligue 1 Player of the Year for his performances and, while dubious over the amount paid for him by PSG, the 26-year-old admitted that he has always held a strong desire to be “special”.

“I’m not proud of the transfer fee, nor of the fact I’m the most expensive player ever,” he told Spox.

“That’s just money and nothing else. I cannot help it. Personally, I would have paid less for myself.

“I always wanted to be special. That was my goal very early – actually from the moment I started playing football for a club. That was at the age of 11. It may sound clumsy, but from then on I’ve tried to get better every single day and get to my best.

“I really worked and sacrificed every day of my life to become a professional one day. That was the only dream I ever had. I dreamed of playing for Santos’s first team, being invited to the national team and one day going to Europe. It was not foreseeable at the time that I would succeed, but I kept thinking about it. There was nothing else for me.

“I’m proud that I’ve achieved my childhood goal. That was, and is, most important to me. As a player, you always have to show who you are and assert yourself. Just referring to the transfer fee does not help you and says nothing about how good you really are.”

His teammate Paris Saint-Germain right-back Dani Alves has claimed Neymar had to leave Barcelona in order to escape Lionel Messi’s shadow and become a success in his own right.

“I think Neymar is up there with Lionel as the most influential player in world football,” said Alves. “The thing is, he had to come out of his shadow a little. Playing with someone as unique as Leo is the most incredible thing that can happen to you but there is always that doubt in your mind if it is you that really has the quality or if it is him.

“I always loved playing with him but he is Argentinian and Ney and I are Brazilian, sooner or later we had to come up against each other!

“I think you have got a better chance of achieving things individually when you are not so close to a player like him. It was important for Ney’s own development and for Brazil for him to follow his own path.”

Alves, who also joined PSG last summer, from Juventus and not Barca, rejected the idea that he played a key role in bringing Neymar towards the Ligue 1 leaders.

“I hardly had anything to do with it, though I was involved when Neymar signed for Barcelona,” Alves said. “I gave him some advice and told him about all the good things I had experienced at the club and in the city.

“It was not like that this time, though. It was just a case of me getting here before him, though there was a moment when he was unsure about what to do. I just told him to follow his heart and be happy. That was the only advice I gave him.”

Some rumors spreading around say that Neymar will transfer to Real Madrid after World Cup. Neymar addressed recent transfer speculation that has linked him to a move to the Bernabeu, insisting he’s happy in Paris and with PSG.

“I’m happy with my teammates and I’m happy at PSG. I have good games and numbers and come here to make history and do my best.”

“Speculation has always existed and will always exist. Since Santos and in my years in Barcelona, all the transfers windows had something with my name. It’s impossible to stay out of it.

“But I’m happy because it means I’m a good player, and quality players are always speculated.”

Now in Russia, Neymar must try his hardest to win the World Cup and people believe he has the ability to win the World Cup. No matter he goes after World Cup, this Brazil prodigy shows his skills and finds the best way for him to surpass Cristiano and Messi.


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