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Now Is The Time!! 0 0
Now Is The Time!!
READ MARK 10:46-52

Old habit die hard is a popular saying. however,there comes a time when radical decision must be taken in order to gain freedom.
Bartimeus was used to in wrapping himself up in his garment, the garment of the bind man, the garment of bigger, the garment of poor and invalid. But a day of change came as he heard Jesus passing by, he wouldn't miss the opportunity, he cried out, cast away his garment, arose and came to Jesus. He broke his habit of sitting in the roadside to beg,he decided that a change must come!

Today, you can decide for a change for the better. cast away the garment of procrastination and laziness.throw away the, the old garment now! and shout the shout of freedom,come to JESUS

Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.
The more you walk, the close you get. 
SireRumu II

Thanks man I love this inspiring words

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