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Phrases That Can Ultimately Destroy Relationships 0 0
Phrases That Can Ultimately Destroy Relationships
It has often been said that ‘words can make or break a man’. Hence, the need to only speak words that would heal, soothe, encourage, or inspire your loved ones rather than resorting to derogatory words or phrases.

In relationships, conflicts ensue most of the time due to the biting remarks partners speak to each other; these words often sound judgmental and are capable of causing disharmony and breaking the connection between couples. So what are those hurtful phrases you shouldn’t say to your partner?

You see, I told you so…
Nobody likes it when their mistake is shoved in their face. Now imagine your man’s reaction when you declare his lack of sound judgment using that ‘I told you so’ phrase.  There are times when you just need to make some things slide not because you are dumb not to point out. You’re right but because you’d rather let peace reign than resentment.

You’re overreacting
Everyone has the right to let out some steam once in a while when some people get angry and voice out their displeasure they actually feel less burdened afterward! When your man gets red in the face with fury, you either chill or listen to whatever he’s got to say; never tell him he’s being irrational because that would only irk him further or make him feel belittled.

You’re just like…
Don’t make the mistake of comparing your man’s shortcomings with that of your ex or anyone else. It’s not just cruel criticism on your part but demeaning and would get him on the defensive side.

I’m fine
When there’s lack of open communication in a relationship, the affair is already headed for the rocks. If you need space to mull over your emotions, fine! But don’t shut off your man completely by using this phrase.

You see i told you reactions can be annoying

(02-09-2019, 04:33 PM)9jastudent Wrote:

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You see i told you reactions can be annoying

It destroyed relationship most often

That is true @

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nice talk, i will always say it that some phrases are bad

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