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Learn more about the scholarship in Nigeria for undergraduates 0 0
SCHOOL -  Learn more about the scholarship in Nigeria for undergraduates
You definitely know about the Federal Government Scholarship if you are a prospective student or already study at a university or a college in Nigeria. This is a federal program aimed at the improvement in the sphere of education in our country. To reach the goal and help more young people get their education, the government offers a range of scholarships that will be listed below.
What’s the main idea of the federal scholarship for Nigerian students?
In the developing countries like Nigeria with an extremely quickly growing population, not everybody has a chance to be fully educated. It happens quite often that young people manage only to complete their secondary school education and then are forced to go search for a job to provide their own and their families’ living.
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Not all young people who have a gift for learning and a will for studying have a chance to get to universities and colleges. Even though there are numerous institutions of tertiary education in the country and a great deal of them are not private and has a moderate pricing policy, many young people cannot afford to study.
In such a situation, when there are no possible ways to improve the welfare of the entire population in a moment, there’s a need for something more effective and targeted. This is why the Ministry of Education of Nigeria has created a scheme of Federal Government Scholarships to help the nation become educated.
Available types of Federal Scholarship in Nigeria
Within the recent years or even decades, the number of scholarships given out to students has been growing year after year. There are numerous available types of scholarships that vary in accordance with the education they provide, educational facilities, and even the country of studying.
For instance, the main types of scholarships available in 2018/2019 and determined by the year of studying involve the following:
UG scholarships (for undergraduate students), which provide about N150,000 per one year
PG scholarships (for postgraduate students), which provide about N100,000 per one year
HND scholarships (for the students who are obtaining the Higher National Diploma), which provide about N100,000 per one year
PHND scholarships (for the students who already have the Higher National Diploma), which provide about N180,000 per one year
NCE scholarships (for the students who are obtaining the National Certificate in Education), which provide about N180,000 per one year
In addition to these, there is an active Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA), which works for undergraduates, Masters, and Ph.D.’s who want to study overseas. This scholarship program will be discussed in details below.
The scholarships are meant to elevate the education in the entire country and are available to all the undergraduate and postgraduate students but there’s a special condition. These students should be having their second year or more to be eligible for the scholarships.
The scholarships are available in the following areas of studying:
Arts and all the other subjects that have to do with the Arts Education sphere
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (or Management Sciences, too)
Sciences and all the other subjects that have to do with the Sciences Education sphere
Science and Technologies
Medicine and all the Paramedical studies and subjects
Law and all the studies and subjects that have to do with the Law
Who are eligible for the Federal Government Scholarship for Nigerian university students?
If you are thinking about the applying for the scholarship, you need to check out whether you meet all the necessary criteria. The point is that there can be diverse requirements for different scholarship programs, depending on what you choose, but the minimum requirements are as follows:
You must be a citizen of Nigeria
You must be a full-time student at any of the available working institutions of tertiary education in Nigeria (these include all the Nigerian universities, colleges, monotechnics, and polytechnics)
You must be studying at your second or third year. Alternatively, you must be in the process of studying towards the existing NCE program
(Undergraduates) You must have at least five A’s and B’s in the certificate of your secondary school education and WAEC in only those subjects that have to do with the area of studying that you have chosen.
English and Mathematics are necessary in any case. The certificates should be issued not earlier than in 2016 or 2017. The ones that are elder than two years are not valid for undergraduate scholarship applications. The age of candidates is expected to fall between 18 and 20
(Undergraduate degree) You must have the First Degree and at least two years of practice in Nigeria if you have been studying abroad. NYSC is a must for all the undergraduate degree. Masters should not be elder than 35 and Ph.D.’s should not be elder than 40
In addition to this, check out the rules and conditions of the available scholarship program at the official website of the Ministry of Education. It’s recommended that you do this before you apply for any of the programs of your choice.
How to apply for the available undergraduate and post graduate scholarship?
Everything you need to do is download an application form. They are different for undergraduate and postgraduate students, so be attentive and careful when downloading. You can find the forms on the Web at diverse educational portals, students’ forums, and the official website of the Ministry of Education.
Besides this, you can get the application forms the special Registrar’s Offices that are located at all the universities and colleges that are under the federal or state charge. In addition to the filled out form, you will need to provide the following:
Two pictures of the passport format that are signed by the owner with his or her name written on the back side
A copy of the identity card
Copies of all the educational certificates
Copies of all the latest results of the examinations
A copy of the admission letter from the current place of studying
A copy of the course registration
A copy of the identification letter from the local governmental institutions
You need to have all the originals about you but when you are asked to submit the documents, it means that only copies are required.
BEA and Federal Government Scholarship awards
If you are an undergraduate or a degree undergraduate, you may be interested in the BEA opportunities that are available in the 2018/2019. You are welcome to take part in the Nomination Interview and be possibly rewarded a prize, namely, a possibility of studying abroad.
Undergraduate students who want to study abroad can find themselves in the following countries: Algeria, Cuba, Egypt, Hungary, Japan, Macedonia, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine.
Postgraduate students, on their turn, can find themselves in these countries: China, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Russia (in case their first degrees were already received in Russia), Serbia, South Korea, Turkey.
The eligibility criteria for this scholarship are the same with those for any other scholarships. At the same time, it’s required from the students to be prepared because none of the mentioned countries is officially English-speaking.
The time you are going to spend in the country varies between 4 and 9 years and the exact number depends on the country and your current level of studying. If you choose to study abroad, the Nigerian government will provide you with a health insurance, warm clothes, and other supply you may need. The country that welcomes you will provide you with tuition and accommodation.

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