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TECH -  keep WhatsApp chat secret with facial and fingerprint lock
Keep WhatsApp Chats Secret With Facial And Fingerprint Lock

Technology Eye | Feb 08, 2019

WhatsApp's recently introduced security feature could be the key to keeping secret messages safe and secure.

The company recently unveiled biometric tools in the iPhone version of the app which mean that the phone will check you're the right person before allowing you in. The setting means that you can only open WhatsApp if you have the right fingerprint or face, just like when you unlock your phone.

It means that anyone who shares their phone around or is likely to have it unlocked can keep messages secret, even if other apps aren't locked up.

The feature involves a slight trade-off: it's much harder for anyone to get into your chats, but it's also a little harder for you to do so, too. You'll be forced to show your face or your fingerprint every time you try and message someone.

The feature is very easy to turn on: open WhatsApp's settings, head to the Privacy option, and click it to on. WhatsApp will ask you whether you want the phone to lock straight away, if it has not been used for an hour, or for time limits in between.

That will be a good avenue for more protection

Thanks for this information

Wow! This is great, thanks for the information

This is really a nice development


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