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Mixed Reactions Meet Nigerian Lady Displaying Her Big Backside While Teaching Students 0 0
TRENDING -  Mixed Reactions Meet Nigerian Lady Displaying Her Big Backside While Teaching Students
A Nigerian lady is making the rounds online and the reason for that is obvious.

[Image: b66ee7773f2ffaa2ef746c0dc594dfe08a7653b5.webp]

Picture of the young female teacher emerged online and since then, has gone viral over her tight curve which was revealed in the clothe she wore to school.

The lady who is believed to be a corps member - was pictured teaching some junior secondary students in the outfit which highlighted her massive backside.

Online users have reacted to the picture - with some saying that the lady’s dressing to school is okay while others have argued that her outfit is inappropriate considering the effect it might have on the male students.

what a big ass for displaying

To me.. That' cloth is totally abnormal..

all those male student there can never concentrate..


Its the student fault if they keep concentrating on her back side

It's only Corp member female ? teacher that do dress ? like dis ?

This madness on her side, what is she preaching about immoral dressing

too tempting, she should lead good examples to the students

I wish I had one teacher like that those days.

I also think the outfit is inappropriate for a teacher. School isn't just about educational lessons, students also have to learn morals and good behavior from teachers. Imagine how those adolescents boys will react given her appearance. It's just too revealing.
The more you walk, the close you get. 
SireRumu II

That's too bad of her she must be cautioned

unrespect her student because she not deserve to wear this kind of dress

Why are this teacher doing this


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