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The Truth About Men and S*x - Aspects Of A Woman That Drive Men Crazy 0 0
The Truth About Men and S*x - Aspects Of A Woman That Drive Men Crazy
Physical Aspects Of A Woman That Drive Men Crazy

For a guy, physical appearances matter a lot when it comes to getting aroused. But appearances and assets by themselves don’t arouse a guy. It’s what you do with what you have that makes all the difference.

1 The lingering kiss. If you want a turn a guy on while saying goodbye to him, just try this. Give him a goodbye hug, and as you kiss his cheek, let your kiss linger just a second longer than normal. You’ll definitely leave him visualizing the kiss in his mind and wishing he could get some more. 

2 Pressure on his lap. When you’re sitting next to a guy, and he’s showing you something on his tablet or in his book while it’s on his lap, use your finger to point out something in the book without taking the book away from him.

He’d definitely feel the pressure of your fingers pressing down on his manhood or his thighs, and that’ll get his imagination racing. And if you’re pretending to be innocent and unaware, it’ll make him feel all the more aroused. [Read: 16 signs you’re a sex kitten and loving it!]

3 The kissing whisper. Pretend like you have a secret to say to him, and cup your hands over his ears. As you whisper something to him softly, make sure your lips touch his ear lobes a few times. As long as you whisper softly without tickling him, he’ll feel helplessly aroused instantly.

4 The flash of skin. A flash of skin is sexy because it’s unexpected and taboo. Every guy knows he needs to look away if a girl accidentally shows off more than she intends to, but the sight would be too turning on for him to look away. You could show off a bit of skin while bending over or when you’re wearing a skirt. It always works and it always gets a guy’s attention.

5 Tattoos. Tattoos in strategic regions are a huge turn on for every guy because it gets his imagination running wild. It’s especially sexy if he can see a bit of the tattoo, but not all of it.

6 Midriff and lower back. There’s something really arousing when a bit of midriff or the lower back peeks out of a tee shirt like it was unintentional. And if you have strong oblique muscles and a shaped lower back, the v lines that stick out would make it hard for any guy to take his eyes off it.

By Noreen

I don't even really under this post

Hmmm ok o i go start to dey practice am

This writeup alone can arouse any man.

This great... Its just excellent

"Olonah1" why did you say so

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