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Top 10 Richest Pastors in Nigeria 2019 & Their Net Worth [No 4 Will Shock You] 0 0
Top 10 Richest Pastors in Nigeria 2019 & Their Net Worth [No 4 Will Shock You]
Full list of the Top 10 Richest Pastors in Nigeria 2019 & Their Net Worth. 
Pastor profession has taken a good turn in Nigeria and No longer regarded as a work for Church rats as Devoted men of God are becoming rich and expanding their Church in Nigeria and Worldwide.

Top 10 Richest Pastors in Nigeria 2019
1. Bishop David Oyedepo
[Image: richest-pastor-in-nigeria-oyedepo.png?re...C364&ssl=1]

Papa Oyedepo as he is popularly called is said to be worth an estimated $180 million making him the richest pastor in Nigeria.
He is the founder of Living Faith World Outreach Ministry, which is also known as Winners Chapel.
Oyedepo is the owner of Dominion Publishing House, which sells all his books. He is also a founder of the Covenant University, Landmark University and Faith Academy. The Bishop also owns large estates across Nigeria, fashionable cars and a private jet.
The church’s headquarter is located in Otta, Ogun. The auditorium which is called the Faith Tabernacle is a 50,000 seat church auditorium is reported to be the largest church auditorium in the world by the Guinness World Records.
The Winners’ Chapel network of churches is located in over 300 cities, in all states of Nigeria, and in several cities in 45 African nations, Dubai, the United Kingdom and the United States.

2. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ($70 Million)

The founder of one of the few churches that openly ask for money from their followers as part of their prayers, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy Church (formerly known as the Believer’s World Fellowship) teaches its congregation to “sow the seeds” of their future, seeds being a portion of their earnings or any valuable position, to earn the favor of God.

The church has thus been able to spam millions of young entrepreneurs of their hard-earned money, gaining millions in the process.

3. Pastor E.A Adeboye ($50 Million)

Pastor E.A Adeboye didn’t start his church like many on this list did, nor was the church he took over, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, popular when he started out.
However, in the span of a few years, Pastor Enoch was able to change all of that, raising his church to prominence and having it span 192 nations globally.
He is said to be worth an estimated $50 million and he is one of the three Nigerian pastors that has been able to afford a private jet.

4. Prophet Temitope Babatunde Joshua

[Image: richest-pastor-in-nigeria-tb-joshua.png?...C327&ssl=1]

Popularly known as TB Joshua, Prophet Temitope Joshua also features on our list as one of the richest pastors in the country with an estimated net worth of $25 million.

He is the founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations and he is well known in Africa and many parts of the world. He is also the founder of Emmanuel TV, Africa’s largest Christian television network.

TB Joshua is often described as YouTube`s most famous and popular pastor with over 400,000 YouTube subscribers. The pastor also has over 2 million fans on Facebook and he is sometimes described as the Oprah of Evangelism

As of 2011, according to Forbes, Joshua was Nigeria’s third-richest pastor, although the claim was immediately denied in a statement by the church.
Also, TB Joshua has received several awards over the last decade, some of which include Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) by the Nigerian government in 2008 and being voted the Yoruba man of the decade by Pan-Yoruba media outlet Irohin-Odua.

5. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

[Image: richest-pastor-matthew-ashimolowo.png?re...C365&ssl=1]

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is the renowned pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre otherwise known as KICC. He is said to be worth an estimated $20 million although Forbes estimated Ashimolowo’s net worth is at between $6–10 million.

The KICC annual accounts revealed that he earns an annual salary of £100,000 but the majority of his wealth comes from the sale of Christian literature and documentaries from his media company, Matthew Ashimolowo media. This is consistent with the fact that Ashimolowo subscribes to and teaches success in the vein of prosperity theology, which in most respects is considered controversial.
His Winning Ways programme is aired daily on Premier Radio (London) and Spirit FM (Amsterdam) and on television in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, FaithAfrica (DSTV 341), the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and Europe on The God Channel and Inspirational Network.

6. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo ($20 Million)
[Image: Pastor-Matthew-Ashimolowo.jpg]
The pastor with the most controversial history of the ten on this list, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is a senior pastor at the Kingsway International Christian Center.

Converting from Islam to Christianity at the age of 20, he rose to prominence thanks to the Kingsway International Christian Center and enjoys a handsome salary and fortune, has also collected a large number of expensive automobiles over the year.

7. Bishop Ayo Oritsejafor ($15 Million)
[Image: Bishop-Ayodele-Oritsejafor.jpg]
According to Bishop Ayo Oritsejafor and his family, becoming a pastor was his destiny.

They tell the public of a story about his mother who desperately wanted a son.
Hoping to beseech God into giving her this blessing, she prayed God to give her a son who she would then give to Him (though ironically it wasn’t until 1972 that Ayodele decided to become a pastor).
However, it wasn’t until he started his church, The Book of Life Church, that he rose to prominence and fortune which gives him a net worth of $15 million

7. Pastor Chris Okotie

[Image: richest-pastor-in-nigeria-chris-okotie.p...C368&ssl=1]

The musician cum pastor, Rev Chris Okotie is another wealthy pastor with a net worth of $12 million. His church, ‘Household of God’ is located in the Ikeja area of Lagos. Rev Chris is said to own several high brow properties in this area as well.

The church has a large congregation with many famous musicians, movie actors and society people as members.

Rev Chris was born Christopher Oghenebrorie Okotie on the 16th of June 1958. He started his church in 1987 and it has continued to grow since its humble beginnings

Growing up, Okotie always loved to sing and while in secondary school at Edo College, Benin City, he belonged to the school’s music club where he entertained groups of people.
Okotie never considered commercializing his talent until his first year at university, when his father died. Eventually, he abandoned his schooling for a while to pursue a pop music career before his return abruptly. After graduating with a law degree, Okotie attended the Grace Fellowship Bible School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and, soon after, established the Household of God Ministry.

8. Pastor Gbenga Oso

[Image: richest-pastor-gbenga-oso.png?resize=368%2C371&ssl=1]

Gbenga Oso is the founder of Laughter Founder and he is said to be worth an estimated $3.5 million.

His church, Laughter Foundation helps couples conceive. He is also known as the father of a million babies.
Gbenga Oso used to be one of the pastors for the Gospel Faith Mission International before starting his own ministry, Laughter Foundation Church.
The pastor revealed that in 1997, God specifically told him that he was going to start a ministry and the only thing that ministry will focus on was childbearing matters.

9. Bishop Mike Okonkwo ($3 Million)
[Image: Bishop-Mike-Okonkwo.jpg]
Starting out as a banker, Bishop Mike Okonkwo got his calling in November 1970 when “Jesus came to him”.

Having a military background from the days of the Nigerian Civil War and two years of experience at the African National Bank, he switched gears and joined the United Church of Christ in 1972, which marked the start of his career as a pastor.
After serving there for six years, he left the church to form his own, The Redeemed Evangelical Mission, which soon rose in popularity among the masses, eventually becoming one of the more popular churches in Nigeria and helping Bishop Mike soar to new financial heights.

10. Pastor Lazarus Muoka ($3 Million)
[Image: Lazarus-Muoka.jpg]
Lazarus Muoka is the founder and the general overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement. The church is one of the fastest growing churches in Nigeria. Muoka is said to be worth an estimated $3 million.

He was born in Mgbidi in Imo state and was raised in a Catholic family. A few years after his secondary education, he relocated to Lagos. Muoka worked briefly before opening his own business. Not too long after, Muoka made the decision to dedicate his life to serving to God and soon after he started his ministry, the Lord`s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement.

Summary of the Top 10 Richest Pastors in Nigeria 2019 
  • Bishop David Oyedepo

  • Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

  • Pastor E.A Adeboye

  • T.B Joshua

  • Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

  • Bishop Ayo Oritsejafor

  • Pastor Chris Okotie

  • Pastor Gbenga Oso

  • Bishop Mike Okonkwo

  • Pastor Lazarus Muoka

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great men of God but i can't find PST Paul eneche

great men of God but i can't find PST Paul eneche

the world hasnt seen anytin yet

many more giant will show forth cus GOD has nt calld us to poverty bt to riches



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