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Top Paying Nigeria Ad Networks For Nigerian Publishers with High CPM Ads Rate 0 0
Top Paying Nigeria Ad Networks For Nigerian Publishers with High CPM Ads Rate
Find the Top Paying Nigeria Ad Networks For Nigerian bloggers Publisher with High CPM Ads Rate to get paid easily to your bank account. Are you tired of waiting for Google Adsense approval? 

Get approved quickly and don't bother searching for Payoneer or Paypal to withdraw your money

Top Paying Adnetworks in Nigeria 2019
Below are the top paying adnetworks in Nigeria with high CPM and CPC ad rate


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[Image: Afriadvert%2BNigeria%2BAd%2BNetwork%2BFo...oggers.JPG]

Afriadverts is one of top paying Ad network for bloggers in Nigeria. With no minimum traffic requirement get approved easily and monetize your website with your audience

Pros of AfriAdverts
1. No minimum Traffic Requirement to Signup for Afriadverts publisher account
2. Afriadverts is based on CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost per Impression)
Monetize your every traffic with 100% fill rates and competitive CPC & CPM rate of up to $10
4.Receive your payments every 25th of the Month, with a minimum threshold of $50

Payment Method: Payment at Afriadverts is via Paypal or Bank Wire (To your local bank account)


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[Image: Adquet%2BNigeria%2BAd%2BNetwork%2BFor%2BBloggers.JPG]
Adquet is another top paying ad Network in Nigeria, Adquet ad network need no minimum requirement to sign up as publisher and is based on CPM (Cost Per Impression) and CPC (Cost Per Click) ads for publishers. Adquet Ad network pay Pulishers as high as #100 Naira per click on ads and Per thousand impressions on ads and lowest of #9 Naira per Clicks and thousand impressions. 

Pros of Adquet
  • No minimum traffic requirement which makes it good for new bloggers
  • They provide both text and banner ads of different sizes
  • A low minimum payout threshold of #2500 which is good for low traffic bloggers
  • A payment method of Paypal, Check, and Wire.
  • High CPM and CPC rates of up to #100
  • Accept all Niches and Language Sites
Payment Method: Adquet pays visit Bank Wire transfer to your Nigerian bank account.


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[Image: Alternativeadvert%2BNigeria%2BAd%2BNetwo...oggers.JPG]
Alternative Advert is a top paying Nigerian ad networks; not only in Nigeria but also among the top ad networks in Africa. They offer both CPC and CPM ad rates, 

Pros of Alternative Advert
  • Easy sign up and select the currency to paid, either Dollar, Naira and other currencies.
  • No minimum traffic requirement for Signup
  • Offer Various user friendly Banner Ad Format
  • Minimum threshold payment of $50 
  • Alternative advert allow you to earn 3% of the money spent by an advertiser or 5% of the money gained by the publisher you referred. 
Payment Method; Payment via PayPal for (non-Nigerians) and bank wire transfer.


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[Image: Ngadverts%2BNigeria%2BAd%2BNetwork%2BFor%2BBloggers.JPG]
Ngadverts is the third best ad network in Nigeria and it provides CPA, CPC and CPM ads with very high rates. NG Adverts is an online ad network where advertisers can advertise their product to on ngadverts and publishers can monetize their traffic to the advertisers. 

Pros of NgAdverts
  • No minimum Traffic Requirement to signup as NgAdverts Publisher
  • High CPM and CPC Rates
  • NgAdverts offers both Banner and Text Ads for publishers.

Payment Method: Paypal, Check and Wire User-friendly Interface on NgAdverts.


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Nairapp is another good Ad Network in Nigeria that pays bloggers for display their ads on their blog. They are based on PPC and CPC. They offer good text and banner ads and support various ads layout. Just like Adquet, you can sign up as both publisher and advertiser.

Nairapp gathers all the advertisers and ad networks in one market in order for you to get the highest possible revenue per thousand impressions.
Minimum withdraw amount is N3000 via PayPal or wire transfer. Payments are 3rd of every new month.

  • Approval is easy and fast with no minimum traffic required

  • Offer both Advertiser and Publisher platform

  • Based on text and banner ads.

  • Minimum payout is as low as #3000 as pay via bank wire.

  • Clicking your ads in against their policy and will get your site disapproved.
Payment Method: Payment is done via bank wire transfer to your Nigerian bank account


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Twinpine Network is a top paying ad network in Nigeria with a minimum payout of N2,500 via bank wire transfer. It offers both cpc and ppm ads and supports advertising on both mobile app and websites. Some of the big companies that support this ad network include Pepsi, MTN and Jobberman. 

Pros of Twinpine Network
  • No minimum traffic to sign up as publisher
  • Various ad formats including our banner & interstitial, brand cast, native and video ad units to engage users in the with high performance. 
  • Pay per clicks and impressions
Payment Method: Payment is via bank wire transfer

These are the Top Paying Nigeria Ad Networks For Nigerian bloggers Publisher with High CPM Ads Rate. Know of other paying Nigerian ad network, feel free to share using the comment below

Top Paying Websites Ok

Thank you for this information ,I'll stick with this one am using God bless the master minded of this site

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