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Valentine’s Day: $ex without orgasm is wasted energy – Uche Ogbodo 0 0
Valentine’s Day: $ex without orgasm is wasted energy – Uche Ogbodo
[Image: 8755470_img20190213120719213_jpeg17ad065...6a9ae7e0f0]

With valentine in the air, actress Uche Ogbodo has stated that having sex is good but reaching orgasm is better.

According to her, sex without reaching orgasm is a waste of energy.

Uche Ogbodo, in the post she shared on Instagram, went on to advice ladies to find someone who will help them discover their body.

[Image: 8755471_1550055758733_jpeg8535c8eca4a857...241b2c3365]
[Image: 8755472_1550055757253_jpeg195f8c64708456...7771a7e9c2]

She wrote:

“Having Sex is good ! But Having An Orgasm is Greater !
Give A Woman An Orgasm! ?
I always feel like good Sex without orgasm is wasted energy. Hehehe don’t blame me but really what’s the point? To go all that way and not get to the promise land! Eeeewww!
I have also come to find out that most women don’t even know what an Orgasm is in the first place, really Sad! . . . .. I am no Sex Teacher, or Discover your Body teacher but pls dont be SHY, find someone who can help you discover what an orgasm is ,if you are in the 18 – 100 age range ooo not for minors .? . . . . My MAIN POINT Today is VIRGINA MUTILATION that inhuman practice done on millions of women in Africa all in the name of Culture & Tradition that takes away the Joy of ever having An Orgasm During SEX . .
This is Pure Evil! & must be STOPPED! ..Man inhumanity to women . Show Love this Valentine Season & Give An An Orgasm for VAL”

Organsm ehn...  No do oh. 

You due here

Well ushed ogbodo has spoken her own.

Its true na


In the process of achieving an orgasmic proportions, an organism might get introduced. Guys be careful.

Admin keep the good work going

Everyone do you people hear the lady ni

Thanks for the information

Well I agree with her. What is good sex without orgasm? Its a complete waste of time when you don't get to come.
The more you walk, the close you get. 
SireRumu II

Thats perfectly correct and right

Yeah that's correct u are good

Yeah that's correct u are good

Helpful article for ladies

Hmmmmnnnn DAT a nice statement

Yes that is true I support u


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