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Ways to Feed Your Soul: Stop the Insanity 0 0
Ways to Feed Your Soul: Stop the Insanity
“…That the soul be without knowledge it is not good” – (Proverbs 19:2)
Knowledge is the food of the soul. When your soul is denied or starved of knowledge, it becomes lean. Just as a child that is malnourished develops Kwashiorkor, so the soul of man becomes lean when he is robbed of knowledge.
1 Peter 2:2 says, “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.” Just as a baby cries for food, that is the way your soul must be crying after knowledge. You don't rob your tummy of food so why rob your soul of knowledge?
“That the soul be without knowledge it is not good. ” So, when the soul is with knowledge it becomes good; it becomes full of virtues. The goodness of your soul is a function of the knowledge you acquire. And according to 3 John 2, the prosperity of your soul determines your prosperity in all areas of life. So, whosoever robs you of knowledge has robbed you of prosperity. Every man's blessings is packaged in a capsule of knowledge. It is up to you to search for the one that contains your own blessing. If it means robbing your belly to purchase knowledge for your soul, you better do it because when your soul is fat, it will fatten your life.
Just as we eat daily in order to renew our physical strength, we must acquire knowledge daily to refresh our souls. You can't use yesterday's food to sustain today's energy. So also, you can't use the reading of last week to satisfy your soul today. It has to be a daily exercise. When you feed your body and you don't feed your soul, your body soon becomes a burden to your soul.
So, you must device a daily program for developing your soul with knowledge, create time to read everyday! Just as women force feed children, so also you must force feed your soul with knowledge as often as necessary. Never roam around with a dry soul, otherwise you become a victim in the hands of the enemy because Satan is always looking for dry places (Matthew 12:43). Don't run your life dry! Feed your soul with knowledge! Get enlightened, especially in the word of God.
Meditate on these: Prov. 4:20 - 23

Thanks for the update, how can one acquire knowledge

(02-21-2019, 09:56 AM)lycans Wrote:

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Thanks for the update, how can one acquire knowledge

Meditate daily on the words of God, then you will surely acquire more knowledge

it is good to feed the soul

Thank you for the tip

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