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Full Version: Reasonable Fact From Jamb 2019 Novel: SWEET SIXTEEN
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Sweet Sixteen as the novel using for this year jamb is a guide to both youngs and adults. I can grabbed some facts from this novel that I will like to share from Page 24.

".........parents should not try to determine the future of their children, much of which they will not be a part of. He also seems to be saying that life keeps changing and the world that our children would live in would be very different from our own in a way that we cannot even imagine"
".........parents have much to learn from.... .....children. Young people look ahead with hope, they see opportunities that they could explore. On the other hand, many adults look back with regrets, they see opportunities that have been missed. We have a different way of seeing the world. Certainly, it would be better for us if we can see the world more from the eyes of young people"
Thanks for the update, do anyone have jamb syllabus
Exactly this ? is a real fact